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A Healthier Smile Means a Happier You

Restorative Dentistry in Charlotte

If you’re looking for a restorative dentist in Charlotte, then it’s probably safe to say your smile could use a little TLC. Guess what? There are thousands of other people of all ages and stages in life in the Queen City that are probably in the same boat.

3 Big Benefits of Seeing Your Restorative Dentist in Charlotte

Decay. Stains. Cracks. Crowding. They’re all no match for Dr. Naz and her restorative technology at Family Dentistry on Montford. The benefits of fixing your smile imperfections far outweigh what will happen if you wait or ignore them.

Benefits #1 – Live Pain-Free

Living with dental pain is something no person at any age should have to endure. You shouldn’t have to take medication every day or simply live with it. That ends with our comfortable, comprehensive restorative treatments. Bid farewell to your dental decay and pain. Dr. Naz can create a custom dental crown to prevent further damage and discomfort.

Benefit #2 – Built to Last

Our restorative dentistry solutions not only bring health back to your smile, but they’ll keep it strong and durable for years to come. With everything from dental crowns to dental implants, broken or missing teeth can be replaced with a restoration that’s custom, comfortable, and constant.

Benefit #3 – Improve Your Health

Being a restorative dentist in Charlotte means you see a lot of smiles that could use a little help. One of the best parts of the restorative work Dr. Naz so skillfully delivers is seeing a patient’s reaction when the work is complete. Many times people can finally chew normally again. They can speak with confidence. They can smile and enjoy food again.

Restorative Dentistry for Charlotte Smiles

Restorative Services


Ask anyone what a restorative dentist in Charlotte like Dr. Naz does all day, and there’s a good chance they’re probably going to say fillings. Coming in at a close second would probably be dental crowns. Fillings could almost be the mascot for restorative dentistry. They’re widely popular and widely used every day in dentistry because they stop cavities and decay from destroying your teeth and your smile. We offer patients composite or tooth-colored fillings. Dr. Naz uses a special, state-of-the-art fill composite material called Sonic Fill. She loves it because it creates a more consistent filling all the way through your damaged tooth. Patients love it because it makes getting a filling a whole lot easier and quicker! Doesn’t that sound nice? Forget what you know about fillings. We do things differently for you and your family!


Badly damaged or broken teeth shouldn’t make you miss out on life, eating the foods you love, and smiling at your loved ones. Dental crowns and bridges are two of restorative dentistry’s biggest solutions for making broken smiles whole again. A dental crown acts like a cap or a helmet for your damaged tooth. Dr. Naz will use special, high-tech tools to gently and safely remove decay and clean your tooth. After that, we create a digital impression of your tooth and then a mold is created. The mold is used to create your beautiful, custom dental crown. Another well know restorative solution is a dental bridge. A bridge is a single appliance that’s designed to attach to two teeth that sit on either side of the empty spot where there used to be a tooth. The teeth adjacent to the gap are prepared for custom dental crowns. We create a separate mold for the bridge before it’s permanently cemented into your mouth for a fuller, healthier smile. We tend to recommend metal-free or porcelain-fused-to-metal for these kinds of restorations, depending on an individual case.

Full Dentures

The full denture options of today are nothing like the false teeth your grandpa used to wear.  They’re extremely helpful for replacing teeth that are partially or fully missing. Dentures help to keep your profile natural and strong, so you can avoid that “sunken in” look should you lose all of your teeth. Forget everything you’ve heard about dentures! Dr. Naz has extensive training and amazing in-office technology to help make getting dentures an experience that’s comfortable and easy. Dentures can:

  • Give you a more youthful appearance
  • Give you back the ability to chew food properly
  • Give you a chance to speak more clearly
  • Give you the confidence to do the things you love

Talk to Dr. Naz about your denture options today. We craft your new smile using the very best dental materials to best match your natural smile. Your new teeth are extraordinary dental restorations that bring function and beauty back to your smile.


Endodontics is just another way of saying root canal, but people tend to see or hear those words and want to run for the hills. It’s a shame these widely-used restorative treatments get such a bad wrap. Thanks to the advancements in dental technology and how we treat patients, root canals are no big deal. They’re very effective at helping patients struggling with:

  • A painful, infected tooth that’s badly decayed or injured
  • Chronic discomfort when you’re facing hot or cold temperature changes
  • Danger of a tooth infection spreading to healthy teeth

Root canals involve removing part of your tooth’s pulp and nerve because they’re infected. We can easily remove the infection, clean your tooth, and prepare it for a filling or dental crown. The new restoration is going to ensure your tooth is protected from future damage and allow you to chew your food more comfortably! If you’ve got a painful tooth you need to be checked out, talk to us today about scheduling a consultation so we can take a look.

Porcelain Inlays/Onlays

If at some point in your treatment, you and Dr. Naz agree that your smile benefits from a porcelain inlay or onlay, we’ll get to work creating a custom restoration to comfortably fit your smile. Porcelain inlays and onlays are permanently cemented to your damaged tooth. The difference between inlays and onlays is minimal. Onlays cover the cups or ridges on your teeth while inlays, like their name suggests, go in the cusps. Onlays are often recommended as an alternative treatment to a dental crown because less of your tooth structure is removed. Porcelain onlays and inlays are a highly durable dental restoration that should last you and your smile years.

Partial Dentures

Missing teeth? Maybe it’s time to talk to Dr. Naz about partial dentures as an option for your restorative care. A partial denture is removable and is designed to attach to existing teeth in your mouth. If you’re missing a few teeth or even more, partial dentures do make sense as an affordable, effective way to replace them. We like partial dentures for patients who are missing a few teeth because they give people the functionality that we all need our smiles to have each day. Better yet, you go from having to hide your smile with the missing teeth, to facing the world with a renewed sense of confidence and youthfulness. Partial dentures help you chew more normally and will probably erase some of those digestive issues you’ve been having! You might even speak more clearly. We definitely know you’ll smile more fully! Talk to your restorative dentist in Charlotte about how partial dentures can work for you.

Dental Implants

You might have already heard, but Family Dentistry on Montford is home to the Galileos CT Scanner, iCAT, and Cone Beam technology, helping us restore dental implants with extreme precision and ease. A dental implant is a solution Dr. Naz might recommend if you’re missing one or more teeth. Dental implants can also be used to permanently secure dentures in place for a more secure fit. If you or someone in your family has been getting by in life with a smile that’s not whole, make today the day you learn about dental implants. We can conduct a full, thorough examination and take a series of powerful digital x-rays. We can use our findings to determine if your jaw bone is healthy enough for a dental implant. Having dental implants to replace your missing teeth takes the added stress off your remaining teeth. Dental implants are also a much relied on restorative solution because they help keep your jaw bone stimulated so you don’t start to age prematurely. Learn more about dental implants and what your missing tooth options are when you schedule a visit with Dr. Naz!

Oral Surgery

Your restorative dentist in Charlotte will do everything in his power to save your natural teeth. Sometimes, a tooth or teeth are simply no match for all of the bad things that can happen to our smiles over time such as:

  • Trauma or accidental injury
  • Severe decay
  • Infection
  • Periodontal or gum disease

When this happens, sometimes oral surgery or extraction are the only roads we can take. At Family Dentistry on Montford, we’ll discuss all of your treatment options and tooth replacement solutions before removing any tooth. For most minor extractions, Dr. Naz can help you in the comfort of our Charlotte office, but for larger cases that require more extensive care, we may need to refer them out. You won’t know about your oral surgery options until you schedule a visit with us online or give us a call. We will work together to find a solution for your smile that enhances your life.


To bring the very best dental care to our friends and neighbors in Charlotte, we invested in some serious dental technology. It makes our job as your dental team easier, and it allows patients like you unprecedented access to your oral health. Patients can now immediately see and understand what we see and what we’re doing in your mouth.  By digitizing our restorative dentistry we can save you time, increase the quality of your restoration, and have better communication with dental labs.

Dr. Naz uses both a high-tech intraoral and the Medit digital impressions scanner to create more precise dental crown and bridge restorations. You can have confidence that when our dental crown arrives from the lab it’s going to fit comfortably with the rest of your smile. If you want to learn more about the amazing, advanced dental technology we have throughout our office, talk to us today. We’re happy to answer any questions and show you around the office so you can see what we’re working with. Schedule your visit with us online or call the office.


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